Talk: Consuming HTTP and JSON APIs in C# at Centriq

Last night I gave a talk on consuming HTTP and JSON APIs in C# to the alumni of Centriq’s application developer program.

I had a good time. These graduates are sharp and excited to learn new things that will help them at their jobs.

I’m grateful for the opportunity and thankful that so many folks came up after to tell me they learned a lot.

Here’s the talk page with all the slides, links, and sample code.

Consuming HTTP and JSON APIs in C#

Friday Links 0.0.16 - Pathfinding

This is based on an email I send my .NET team at work

Happy Friday,

It’s sad I haven’t been able to make it into the office most of the week, but this tile install should finally be done early tomorrow morning. It will be nice to put our kitchen back together and stop hiding out in a living room full of appliances and dishes.