About Me

I’m a web developer currently living in Kansas City, MO.

I’ve been a full-time developer for just over a couple of years. I started at a .NET consulting firm where I worked directly with clients on primarily ERP and accounting integration software.

Eventually I inherited an internal PHP job-management application that our client wished to productize and take to market. This was my first foray into web development using LAMP. I learned a ton from this project by refactoring and modularizing the spaghetti that PHP code is notorious for.

Even though PHP has its flaws, its a great platform for learning how the web works: you can’t escape the mechanics of request and response. It forces you to learn how sessions, cookies, and databases play together. Many frameworks can abstract a lot of this away from you, but there’s no substitute for learning the foundations through sweat and tears.

A friend kept pestering me to apply at Red Ventures and I started in January of

  1. RV was a tremendous growth opportunity for me. I developed my OO PHP skills, learned to craft complex Apache configurations, SEO techniques and became proficient in javascript using jQuery, node, and angularjs.

RV is where I grew into a fan of TDD. While we had an existing PHPUnit based testing infrastructure, no one on my team was really using it. I gave it a try and loved the benefits it brought me: better, more modular designs; regression insurance; and documentation. I grew the test suite from 0 to over 500 tests.

We recently moved to Kansas City, MO where I started at The Nerdery as a Software Engineer specializing in .NET. I’ve been working on adding features to a client’s internal tools as well as improving the performance and reliability of their brand site.

On the side, I’ve been teaching myself Ruby and Ruby on Rails over the last few months and I’m anxious to expand my skills in that direction. I started with Michael Hartl’s Ruby On RailsTutorial and expanded what I learned there to a number of side projects including an online HTML canvas game featuring user signups, scoreboards, and replays.

I’m also finding ASP.NET MVC to be an extremely compelling platform. Recently I built another small game and hosted it on Windows Azure. Microsoft’s development environment and tooling are top-notch. After a year and a half of using dynamic languages, it was interesting to see how I liked working with a compiler again. Microsoft is making a lot of great changes in the web-development space, and I’m excited to see where it goes.

You can contact me on twitter or send an email to .

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