New Application/Tree in Umbraco 7 Backoffice Not Showing?

Did you follow one of the many tutorials on how to roll a new application/section1 in the Umbraco 7 back office? Did you create the empty class inheriting from IApplication2? Did you create your TreeController3 and return the tree list? Did you make sure you included your javascript files in your package.manifest so that they’ll be downloaded and run?

Still not working????

Did you give your back office User account permission to see the new section in Users section of the back office? You may have to log in as the account that you installed Umbraco under in order to see it and grant permission to the other accounts.

You’re welcome.4

  1. 1.Seriously, are the called applications or sections?
  2. 2.On boot, this adds an entry to applications.config
  3. 3.On boot, this adds an entry to trees.config
  4. 4.Seriously burned about an hour on this.