Halo 5 Stats App (Beta)


There will be bugs. You can yell at me on twitter at @mediocritty


On first run, you will be shown a settings page to enter your gamertag and an API key.

You can sign up for an API key at https://developer.haloapi.com/products/560af1e42109182040fb56fc

Once you enter it, open up the download page and run your first import. You should check “Refresh Metadata”.

This will take a long time: It has to find your oldest game first, and then work forward in time from there. The initial search can search about 25 games per second, and once its found, it can only import them at about a game per second. Then refreshing the list of medals, gametypes, maps, weapons etc takes about 5 more minutes

So if you have played 3,000 arena games, it will take about an hour or so:

  • 3000 games / 25 games per second search = 120 seconds (2 minutes)
  • 3000 games / 1 game import per second = 3000 seconds (50 minutes)
  • metadata refresh = ~5 minutes


Use the menu options to open the dev tools console. There will probably be errors in there, send me a picture. Later releases may add better logging.

Supported Platforms

I can only build for Windows 64 bit right now. Theoretically, its cross platform since I’m building on top of Electron. However, I would need a Mac to run the build. Maybe later.