Consuming HTTP and JSON APIs with C#

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Free Public APIs

GitHub list of interesting APIs you could play with to build side project apps.

JSON Editor Online

Excellent tool for converting json between compressed and readable formats, and for exploring the structure of a JSON object graph.


Useful tool for exploring and testing APIs. Lets you configure all the headers and make sample requests.

JSON.NET (Nuget)

The standard tool for reading and writing JSON in .NET.

We also talked briefly about Jil from the folks at Stack Overflow for high performance needs.


I like using this site to quickly turn some JSON object into the right set of C# classes to work with it in .NET. You’ll probably still want to rename the properties it generates, but it gets a lot of the boilerplate done for you.

You’ll need Visual Studio 2015 to build and run these applications because they use C# 5 features. There is a community edition now you can use.

WebAPI Code

This is the server side code running the demo API. It includes the documentation.

This server is up and running in Azure so you can build your own clients against it:

Sample Client Application

Here is a fully built out client application using all parts of the API and demonstrating best practices we talked about.