Introduction to Azure for .NET Developers

Further Reading

World’s Greatest Azure Demo

Troy Hunt goes over a lot of what we talked about, but goes into some more depth with more demonstrations than I had time for. There’s a lot of good information in here.

Working with 154 million records on Azure Table Storage – the story of “Have I been pwned?”

Troy runs, a service that lets you know if your email address has turned up in a data breach. At the time of this article in 2013, he had loaded over 154 million records into an Azure database technology called Table Storage. This article walks through setting that up and how he does some tricks to get a lot of performance for minimal cost.

Azure Articles at

Scott Hanselman works at Microsoft and writes frequently about real world use-cases for Azure. Pay attention to articles about “penny pinching in the cloud” for how to leverage Azure scaling features to save you money.