Windows 8 Automatic Reboot is Infuriating

Tell me how you really feel

It really just rebooted when I was in the middle of working on something. Seriously, MS, what is wrong with you guys.

If you've seen this popup, you're screwed

Automatic updates and restarts are not inherently wrong. The biggest oversight in this implementation is that there is no way to stop it. You can’t even delay it. I used to be able to push back the restart in 4 hour increments, and it would almost never actually reboot when I wasn’t there.

Oh sure, there’s a group policy to disable the automatic start up. But that’s only for Windows 8 Pro. Don’t have pro? Well you are too stupid to manage your own computer and so you’re screwed.

I do have Windows 8 Pro, and I quickly googled up that solution, and even ran the command to force policy updates to be refreshed. But guess what: this policy doesn’t affect it until you reboot your computer. That’s crap.

MS also alleges that Windows Update can detect if you would “lose data.” But that clearly relies on proprietary APIs that have so far only been utilized in Microsoft products. Composing a blog in Chrome? That’s not deemed important enough. Halfway through a multiple hour download? Nope, you can always restart that. That’s also crap.

I am a professional software developer, and I use to work exclusively on Microsoft development platforms. I do not need to have my hand held while operating my computer. I resent that businessmen on the other side of the country can determine whats best for me. There are few things more infuriating than feeling like you cant control your own property; that it is determined to do something you don’t want and you will be unable to stop it.

TL;DR Automatically rebooting my computer when I’m using it is horrible UX and anyone who signed off on that feature should be ashamed of himself.