3 Things I Learned This Week 2015-01-16


Cleaning HTML Snippets with HtmlAgilityPack demonstrates how to use HtmlAgilityPack for parsing and modifying HTML documents and snippets. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use.

Git Inline Diffs

Did you know you could use git to show inline diffs on the command line? I didn’t either, until this week.

inheritInChildApplications in web.config

I was having trouble with a Telerik control that comes with Sitecore not loading in the admin section. It kept yelling that it needed its Telerik.Web.UI.WebResource.axd added to the <handlers> section of <system.webServer>. And I’m like, “It’s right there you idiot machine!”

Oh, turns out there was a inheritInChildApplications="false" attribute on the section. Normally web.config settings inherit and override the deeper into the file system hierarchy they are located.