3 Things I Learned This Week 2015-02-06

stree command in cygwin

Sometimes you just wanna launch SourceTree from your current cygwin command prompt.

No reason you can’t.

Accessing the clipboard on cygwin

Too much cygwin this week, I know. But I found out you can access the clipboard through the magic /dev/clipboard pseudo-file. Just cat stuff in to copy, and cat stuff out to paste.

You can set up some OSX-like pbcopy and pbpaste commands too. See an example at Command line clipboard in OSX and Cygwin

Visual Studio is a pain sometimes

VS2013 has forgotten how to let me set the fonts and colors for the code editor. The option just doesn’t appear. There are a few StackOverflow posts about it, but no working resolution for me. I think I’ve reinstalled a dozen times over the last couple weeks.

I just can’t live with Consolas.

Oh, and WPF development crashes my whole machine. Can’t begin to imagine whats going on there.