Blog List

Below are some of the blogs I read regulary through my feed reader. They’re sorted by category and then roughly by popularity. This doesnt have everything, but I think its a good start.

General Development Topics

Scott Hanselman’s Blog • Home • RSS

Scott posts a few times each week about .NET and other web development topics. He’s a great writer, speaker and advocate for .NET developers inside Microsoft. His podcast is also excellent.

Joel on Software • Home • RSS

Joel Spolsky is the CEO of StackOverflow. Though he no longer blogs, his archives are full of detailed, well-written and well-argued analyses of programming culture, industry, and related business topics. The Reading List he calls out on his home page links to many of the best articles.


The Morning Brew • Home • RSS

Chris Alcock posts a daily link round-up from around the .NET and web development communities.

Coding Horror • Home • RSS

Jeff Atwood ran one of the earliest programming blogs, though he no longer posts frequently, he is a welcome voice for .NET and other techy topics. He cofounded StackOverflow and more recently the Discourse project.

Fabulous Adventures in Coding • Home • RSS

Eric Lippert was at microsoft for many years on the C# language team, working on the design of C#, and the Rosyln compiler suite. He has many excellent deep dives into aspects of the C# language and related framework topics. Required reading.

you’ve been HAACKED • Home • RSS

Phil Haack was once the PM for ASP.NET MVC and now works for GitHub on git tooling for Windows developers.

Ayende @ Rahien • Home • RSS

Few different authors post mostly about .NET, with a particular focus on performance and database technologies

Marc Gravell • Home • RSS

Marc, a developer at StackOverflow, posts infrequently about .NET topics, particular Dapper, DNX and performance.

Nick Craver • Home • RSS

Another StackOverflow developer, Nick posts detailed expositions of the StackOVerflow system architecture and other .NET topics.


A Fresh Cup • Home • RSS

Mike Gunderloy posts a daily round up of about 3 links to items in the Ruby and Rails community with brief commentary.

Sam’s Spot • Home • RSS

Sam Saffron also works on Discourse, mostly on the Ruby side. He writes a lot about RoR performance.

Virtuous Code • Home • RSS

Avdi Grimm runs a series of screencasts for Ruby developers and often posts helpful articles about Ruby, Rails, and web development.


Evil Trout • Home • RSS

Robin Ward is a developer on the Discourse project and primarily posts about javascript performance and the Ember framework.