Blog List

Below are some of the blogs I read regulary through my feed reader. They’re sorted by category and then roughly by popularity. This doesnt have everything, but I think its a good start.

General Development Topics

Scott Hanselman’s BlogHomeRSS

Scott posts a few times each week about .NET and other web development topics. He’s a great writer, speaker and advocate for .NET developers inside Microsoft. His podcast is also excellent.

Joel on SoftwareHomeRSS

Joel Spolsky is the CEO of StackOverflow. Though he no longer blogs, his archives are full of detailed, well-written and well-argued analyses of programming culture, industry, and related business topics. The Reading List he calls out on his home page links to many of the best articles.


The Morning BrewHomeRSS

Chris Alcock posts a daily link round-up from around the .NET and web development communities.

Coding HorrorHomeRSS

Jeff Atwood ran one of the earliest programming blogs, though he no longer posts frequently, he is a welcome voice for .NET and other techy topics. He cofounded StackOverflow and more recently the Discourse project.

Fabulous Adventures in CodingHomeRSS

Eric Lippert was at microsoft for many years on the C# language team, working on the design of C#, and the Rosyln compiler suite. He has many excellent deep dives into aspects of the C# language and related framework topics. Required reading.

you’ve been HAACKEDHomeRSS

Phil Haack was once the PM for ASP.NET MVC and now works for GitHub on git tooling for Windows developers.

Ayende @ RahienHomeRSS

Few different authors post mostly about .NET, with a particular focus on performance and database technologies

Marc GravellHomeRSS

Marc, a developer at StackOverflow, posts infrequently about .NET topics, particular Dapper, DNX and performance.

Nick CraverHomeRSS

Another StackOverflow developer, Nick posts detailed expositions of the StackOVerflow system architecture and other .NET topics.


A Fresh CupHomeRSS

Mike Gunderloy posts a daily round up of about 3 links to items in the Ruby and Rails community with brief commentary.

Sam’s SpotHomeRSS

Sam Saffron also works on Discourse, mostly on the Ruby side. He writes a lot about RoR performance.

Virtuous CodeHomeRSS

Avdi Grimm runs a series of screencasts for Ruby developers and often posts helpful articles about Ruby, Rails, and web development.


Evil TroutHomeRSS

Robin Ward is a developer on the Discourse project and primarily posts about javascript performance and the Ember framework.